The Characters of Bearventures

Bearventures follows a group of adventurous bears, The Bearventurers (originally Eski, Oinky, Quteso & Doomy), who are on a mission to find their recently missing friend, Meeso. Along their journey, they find help from others around The Bearlagos, adding to their core group, yet also meet unexpected resistance along the way. Select a character to learn more about them:

The Bearventurers


‘I started this whole journey as my friends now look to find me, but where am…


‘Me fraid of most things, but I do love dark chocolate and caves.’


‘You may see me as being dusty but I’m actually quite a clean freak.’


‘I’m the main character. Team Eski. That’s me me me. I like hunney. You can bring…


‘I talk about bananas!! Only bananas. I can detect them.’


‘Popcorn. Why Not! I’m the adventurous one who is always on the move thinking of new…


‘Hiiiii, I’m Quteso. What’s your name?! Hii, I’m Quteso’.


‘I’m known as quite a deep thinker. I might not always say much but you can…

Other Characters

Gom Bam Boo

‘You’ll find me around Mt.Kkool or Bearington Town giving guides or crafting bamboo.’

Evil Dr Grizz

‘I’m The Bearlago’s worst nemesis based in Darkwood, or am I?’

Bear Jing

‘I’m not from here, but you’ll learn more about that as my journey unravels.’


‘I like to keep up with the latest gossip and information around The Bearlagos.’


‘I’m pretty quiet. A handyman, but you probably don’t know much else about me.’

Bear Oven

‘I learned from my hero ‘Bear Grylls’. I’m the survivalist bear who trains the newbies.’

Queen Pea

‘I’m not from here, but you’ll learn more about that as my journey unravels.’

Joe King

‘I like a joke. You could call me king of them. I’m just Joe King.’

Ana Nab

‘You likely won’t ever see me, or you at least won’t realise if you do.’

Prof Bearstein

‘I’ve lived a long life, learned a lot, and I pass that knowledge onto others now.’


‘I’m Eski’s uncle, but we haven’t seen each other for so long. I’m always looking out for him.’


‘If there’s an invention for it then I’m likely the one who has made it’.

Lacy / Fairy Nuff

‘I’m a pretty mystical character who can be Lacy one minute and Fairy Nuff the next.’