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The Bearcademy is where it all started for the bears. It is the home of the Bearventures series books, Cubventures TEFL courses for young learners, and
For the readers, the Bearcademy is where your journey starts too, as a place to fuel your
imagination or build reading skills.

Fuel Your Imagination

The mission behind Bearventures is to wake up the imagination in all of us, through getting involved in an activities course alongside reading the books.

Get to know the characters and story settings more with backstories to the main Bearventures stories, test your knowledge, and find activity zones to challenge your imagination.

Use the Bearcademy as a resource to refer to as you read the series books. The course helps you put knowledge into action to develop both your imagination and life skills. Become a ‘fan’ and gain access to new stories as they are released.


It All Begins Somewhere

Cubventures is where younger or beginner English learners can learn TEFL, with more simplified versions of episodes, from when the Bears were in the ‘Cubcademy’ years before Bearventures.

The bears needed to learn bear-skills to survive away from the campus, and you learn English reading skills, but also life skills in the activities you do too. Learning English through stories is a great way to develop kids imagination but also motor-neuron skills that can help in life.

They are effectively in the Cubcademy, until they graduate to the Bearcademy, and then go on to read the more advanced adventure books.

Our TEFL Vacation Program

”I loved this program, which incorporates reading and exploring whilst learning valuable life and language skills.”

This unique TEFl-based vacation program was set up by two experienced TEFL teachers who met in South Korea both teaching TEFL, and both disillusioned with how it wasn’t reaching through to seeing students truly grasp languages, as well as important life skills. They felt something had to be done to change this and TEFL ventures began. It links in with Bearventures as the same courses and activities are taught alongside an immersed cultural experience.

To learn more about this program and how it can really benefit your child then visit the dedicated TEFL ventures page, and enroll on our next vacation program which will teach students so much more than a classroom ever will.

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How Did It All Start? Why Bears?

It all start a few years ago, when 3 dots hit the surface. Like most ideas and stories, they come from a place where there is nothing before them, and they evolve. Those 3 dots turned into a character in the shape of Meeso, and a whole story unraveled beyond that. That story wasn’t initially any part of the TEFL teaching the stories creators were involved with but it led into a unique journey of adventure-inspired book series for reading and fueling imagination, and a TEFL journey of course learning around the books and a real TEFL journey of its own through TEFL vacation programs, principally between the two native countries (UK and South Korea) of its creators.