Bearlagos Map & Places

PLEASE ALLOW THE MAP A COUPLE OF SECONDS TO LOAD. On desktop, you can easily zoom into the map and hover over a place to get brief info about it. If you click on the place it will take you to that place’s blog post story. There you can learn more about the backstory of the place (if you have a Bearpass). On mobile, you don’t get tooltip snippets, but you can scroll around (turn phone sideways for best view), zoom in, and then click to be taken to a post for more info.

The Bearlagos is the home of our bear characters. It’s a wonderful world for Eski, Oinky and co, where bears learn about (and challenge) life just like humans, but there’s a lot more to be discovered about this place as the bears head off on an adventure they will never forget. Get the latest episodes about the bears adventure, read their blog posts, or get involved in activities/courses