Craft A Joe King Activity Zone

Joe King is a laid-back bear. He lives by the motto of ‘so far, so good’, and his favourite ‘good bad’ jokes are made on his sofa.

‘Sofa, So Good!’, as he would say.

Enter the world of Joe King with his ‘Craft A Joe King’ Activity Zone where you may end up with a comedy routine of ‘good-bad’ jokes yourself. You know, those quick smart-arse ones that are meant to be funny but make you slightly cringe and leave you needing the explanation, like this comedy skit:

“How do you get stuck in a time loop in just two words? ‘Yes today’. You know, if someone asks you something about yesterday you take it as ‘yes, today’. Did you know labradors love science?! What do you get when faced with a choice between curry and singing? Curry okay?! What’s green but wishes it was orange? ‘An envious plum’. I signed up for tutorials, but didn’t know it was buy one get one free (‘Twotorials’). As my aunt used to say ‘stop reading all those thick books, it will make you stupid’. I’ve seen the future! (start walking to the couch) It’s here”.

And that’s just a minute with Joe King. The irony, considering Slowth is meant to be a slow-paced island, except when Joe King is telling jokes apparently. It might explain why people get so exhausted and move around slowly on Joe King’s island, Slowth.

The Craft A Joe King Challenge

Can you come up with your own 1 minute comedy skit of ‘good-bad’ jokes?!

How do you know if it’s a good-bad joke? It makes sense (good), but it takes a second to work out why (bad).