About Icesos


A part of Freezso that is used as a therapy spot for isolated think tanks to clear thinking.

The Iceso’s are a few ice-cap islands just north of Freezso, where Doomy passes with Dolphin Air (which also help inhabitants get around the Iceso’s) and makes an interesting discovery about the frozen milk there along the way to Magnetic Island. This is where great inventor Pensa is originally from, and where he first created the ‘Icesolator’, which compacts and separates ice into isolated frozen ice cubes, and which then was followed many other inventions, including the ‘Emochine’, where bears visit to cleanse bad moods and memories.

In more recent times bears would freezeport over here via the Visarium for a retreat or therapy holiday. Bears can go into the hot springs or isolated think tanks that help bears clear their thinking. There’s a freeporter on each of the Iceso’s three mini-islands. They are all very similar to each other though so take your pick.

Related Activity Zone:

Pensa Inventsa Activity Zone – Join Pensa in the invention lab. The Bearlagos is full of Pensa’s inventions, can you help create even better ones?

Iceso’s Facts:

  • Iceso’s are just warm enough for non-polar bear teds to visit.
  • There’s a perfect climate mix that helps create special frozen milk there.
  • The Iceso’s were in danger of melting which is when Pensa as a young adult decided to create his first invention, a primitive version of the ‘Icesolator’. After years of work, he eventually ensured the ice caps wouldn’t melt so easily, and he went on to develop many more inventions afterward.

Bassventures – Emochine:

The 'emochine' memory and emotion wash & spin cleaner music, as it's seen as a happy trigger to rid of bad emotions. Also, happens to be the same song as Qurious's entrancec music, which may explain why Quteso is so drawn to Qurious. 
About Icesos
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