About Bearillo


The adventure park of Bearington. Where the bears go for fun, fun, fun.

Bearillo is an activity holiday island just off Bearington. Each year in Bearington there is a week-long festival where bears from all over the Bearlago’s come to the BearFest. The festival includes many fun activities for the bears to try such as the ‘bear cub carts and log float rides and races’, ‘a Honeygobble tournament’, ‘honeyfloss’, ‘a special salmon catching game’, ‘opposit where bears have to mimmock and move around to what is happening to the opposite of them like musical chairs’, ‘a feast for bears which includes honey syrup shots’, ‘bear hug competitions’, ‘growl offs to see who makes the loudest growl’, and much more.

Honeygobble is the number one game at the festival. It’s Eski’s favourite sport (which he calls Hunneygobble), which is like dodgeball but with a twist. Bears throw honey at each other with slingshots, but instead of dodging the honey they have to catch the honey in their mouth by throwing themselves at it. If they miss then the honey becomes a sticky obstacle in the game (in extreme Honeygobble bees are also then released flying around trying to protect their honey). If honey isn’t caught in their mouth and just hits them it means they are tagged and out of the game (like dodgeball). Each team has different bib colours (shades of honey) to tell the teams apart. The winner is the team with the last bear standing.

Bearillo Backstory:

Bearillo wasn’t always so playful, in the past it was a wasteland where the Floaty River would wash up waste and make the ground all sticky due to its honey content, but the washed-up honey would soon become a very useful resource for the bears. It would become the main energy source all around the Bearlago’s and would later also help in cementing surrounding lands from being sunk anymore after Bair and Bubbalo were lost. The river no longer has much honey flowing down it but it remains a useful river for its floaty qualities.

The honey reserve in the land around Bearillo would make a few of the bears who lived there very rich and they used their wealth to create an adventure land for all the islands Bears to enjoy once a year at the Bearfest, but also with other activities running throughout the year. However, it was rumoured that Dr. Grizz was one of the original beneficiaries of this wealth, and he ended up using it in more drastic ways as he disappeared from his Bearillo home and was also rumoured to have moved to the dark mountainous island of Darkwood.

Bearillo Adventure Park started out as a festival that was more about educating bears about ‘The Event’ that almost wiped out the Bearlago’s years before, as Bearillo’s wealthy owners were convinced Dr. Grizz was behind it and wanted to spread the news, but as Dr. Grizz disappeared, and the Bearlago’s became quiet and peaceful once more, most bears forgot about it and it became more of a fable at the festival (‘The Festival Fable’) that was told and accepted more of a myth or story to entertain bears. This was because over time Bearillo turned into more of a celebration and fun place for the Bears to visit and enjoy themselves.

Bearillo Activity Zone:

Come up with your own activity idea for a festival in your Bearworld. Say what festival it is and the idea for a related activity.

Bassventures – Bearillo Adventure Park:

Bearillo Adventure Park Theme Song, which often changes its effects.

Bassventures – Cub Cart Racing:

Start your engines. A race is on. The bears have fun racing each other on the cub carts. 

Bassventures – Hunneygobbling:

The idea is to move swiftly and try and catch as much honey in your mouth as possible as it flings through the air.
About Bearillo
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