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Slowth takes things slow. It’s the holiday island for Bearington bears.

Welcome to Bearidise. Slowth is a beautiful island of slow sloth-like bears, sun, sand, camels, palm trees, small mountains, and surrounding dolphins. One day on Slowth feels about 3 days in normal islands as life just goes so much slower. ‘Slowthday’ is a day after Sunday in Slowth which is extra slow, and a day of (even) extra rest on Slowth.

Slowth is a place bears go to unwind and reward themselves, just like Eski and Oinky did before their epic journey, but it’s also not a place to be where you really need to get some answers and have no time to spare. Bears become very lazy on Slowth, as they are so relaxed. When you take a live video on Slowth it automatically takes it in slow-motion, and photos just get blurred (Pensa might be behind this but we don’t know). They even forgot to finish a bridge off to connect Slowth to Bearington, so bears going to Slowth have to get there by Dolphin Air.

Slowth also has ‘Mount Snore’ (at Echo Ridge) which is a small mountain on the edge of Slowth where echoes that sound like snores can be heard. The locals use camels to get around and the most famous local is Joe King, the island’s number one laid-back joker, who welcomes the Bearventurers to the island on their journey.

Slowth also has natural, irresistible lemongrass fields, and Quteso falls in love with it – ‘mmm me learning, me like lemongrass’ – but she licks the grass instead of eats it as she is learning, not knowing that doing so induces sleep, as do lots of other foods on Slowth that look tempting to try. It becomes a challenge for the bears not to be induced by all the tempting surroundings that might end up slowing them down in their quest, including the camellia tea. 

Slowth Backstory:

Slowth wasn’t always so slow. It benefitted from the ‘hunney rush’ time where Bearillo became very rich, and wealthy bears built luxury resorts on the beautiful island as a place to go and rest and relax away from normal bear life. However, it too suffered during ‘The Event’ as peaceful times were replaced with panic and fear, meaning most of the bears here left back to the mainland.

The locals of Slowth were anything but slow at the time. If they weren’t frantically rushing around trying to get wealthy in the ‘hunney rush’, they were quickly trying to help their neighbours get safe (with the aid of their loyal surrounding dolphins) as nearby Bair was sinking, and Bubbalo was disappearing. Many Bairs used the built-up hotels on Slowth as temporary homes until they could recover from the shock, but Old Bairs never liked modern domestication, so most of the surviving ‘Old Bairs’ moved to Jungleton or Forestine instead, which was a more natural habitat for their ways of living. Other more domesticated, holidaymaking bears were afraid to holiday on Slowth after ‘The Event’ with pictures of the hotels used as the rescue center finding their way all over The Bear Times and serving as a bad reminder to unrelaxing times, rather than relaxing times that bears would want to visit Slowth for.

Therefore, a program got underway of removing all the built-up hotels and luxury villas on Slowth, and finally, years later it was back to a natural habitat. The locals were so rushed with all this activity that they felt exhausted and wanted to just slow things down and catch a breath. It is thought that bears on Slowth were just really lazy and couldn’t be bothered to finish the bridge off that connects to Bearington, but some think it was done on purpose as local Slowth inhabitants just wanted true peace and quiet from outsiders.

Years later and the island is still seen as a holiday island but for a very different purpose: to unwind and slow down, to tell jokes, do yoga, get away from time and just let it drift by without too much care in being busy or stressed. It became the anti-stress place to be. For many bears the pace is just too slow now, and if you stay on Slowth too long you can feel your mind slowing down, so much so that if you stay there too long you might just get stuck there as you can’t muster the energy or care to leave. That is the danger with Slowth.

Slowth is said to still have an abundance of natural energy left underneath it (from the Bearillo hunney spill-out into the sea) but it’s left untapped. There’s also a rumour that Pensa has something to do with coming up with an invention making the island appear to run really slowly, on request from Joe King (who knows him), but others think it is because the lands special tea flowers of lemongrass and camellia have something in them to calm and slow things down. To find out what the truth really is, like everything on Slowth these days, you have to decipher it from a joke as Slowth locals tend to talk through jokes these days – that’s how chilled this place is now.

Bassventures – Slowth Walk:

As Oinky takes a stroll through the Slowth hills, he finds time moves very slow, but also feels very relaxed & peaceful.

Bassventures – Slowth To Fast:

Slowth is so very slow but ironically their favourite song can go very fast, but then slow again, and so on.
About Slowth
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